Da Lifnei Mi Atah Omeid- When we always keep in mind and heart before whom we stand, we can face the challenge of praying.  Music is an amazing vehicle for our thoughts and emotions.  It is the gift God gives us to experience and bring to our consciousness what we feel and think most intensely.  The emotions of prayer are not linear; and different emotions may occur simultaneously for different people.  It is the variety of opportunities thoughtfully and carefully woven together that will reach and create the different portals for different people.

Participating in communal prayer is a "spiritual workout", a way to use prayer as a source of strengthening our connection to what is holy in the world and in ourselves.  It is less important to have a great "God experience" in a synagogue, but the practice and the attempts at it prepares us to meet and see God in the world - in everyday encounters with friends, family and strangers, at work, in appreciating the beauty of our world.  It is a shared experience, embodying the truth that we are not alone, that we are connected to a part of the lives of others and to the life of the universe.

Music and Prayer