Gatherings, Performances and Reflections

2014 Beginning Tenure at Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation

Cantors on the Road - New York Times (September 6th, 2013)

2013 HUC-JIR Ordination

2013 Reform Jewish Leadership Collaboration

2012 My Reflections on the Influence of Women in the Clergy

2012 Cantors Serving Around the World

2010 "To God's Ears'

An interfaith concert and program.  The concert was to promote dialogue and greater understanding between those of the Jewish and Catholic faith.  What greater way to achieve these goals that through music, a universal language? 

Music has the ability to build bridges and penetrate the soul in a way that nothing else can, and has the potential to bring practitioners of these to religions together.  This was the first time Cantors had ever performed Jewish music in a Roman Catholic Church - The Majesty of the Basilica of Santa Maria Degli Angeli e dei Martiri, designed by Michaelangelo, was demonstrative of the momentousness of this occasion.  We were building bridges across faith communities through music.

Recording of Elohai N'tzor

Performed By: Cantor Susan Caro, Cantor Rosalie Boxt and Cantor Sally Neff

I welcome opportunities to inspire in any community the desire to volunteer more, to give more and mostly - to bemore through increased Jewish communal and spiritual engagement.

Communal Leadership

It is my privilege to be one of the international co-chairs for Cantors for Women of the Wall.  As a group, we lend our individual names to the support of Religious Pluralism and Women's Rights at the Kotel.  On Rosh Chodesh Kislev in November of 2013, we celebrated 25 years of women's egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall.

The passage of time is marked both to honor accomplishments as well as for inspiration to work further in order to attain our goals.  We pray that the 25-year mark and all the coming years will be looked back upon with great joy and pride, as moments of transformation in which everyone began to view each other with the same acceptance and love that is due all of God's creatures.